🔤Roman Müntener
🎳Climbing, Piano, Guitar, Trombone, Tin Whistle, Chess, Stop Motion Movies

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My Story

I'm a computer scientist and used to work as a Software Engineer as well as doing some R&D work at the nearest university. Currently I'm doing garden work as a nonskilled worker.


🌵Gardener (nonskilled worker)
🏢R&D Employee
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
🎓BSc. Computer Science
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
🏢1st- & 2nd-Level Supporter
Alcan Technology & Management AG


Haskell, Java, Golang, Python

HDFS, MongoDB, MySQL and nginx

Frontend and Backend Dev for Big Data Analysis

Security & Privacy

Parallel Computing and Embedded Systems

Low Poly 3D Modelling with Blender

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Image manipulation, reconstruction and designing and implementing image filters

Programming language design and implementation (parsers, compilers, interpreters)

2D game development

3D Models

You can view some of them on gumroad.


Follow this link to go to my tutorials.