Calm Worlds

About: Calm Worlds is a low-poly game currently in development. It uses the Godot engine.



The best news so far is that I managed to figure out how to make the shadows look nicer. Also, I created some tiles that I can re-use later on. It's time to implement a very basic quest system.


I'll share with you a glimpse into the sortiment of spells of Calm Worlds!


I smoothed out the camera controls a bit, added a health bar, did some refactoring and created a tower.


Hi there! Stay tuned as I post more content about "Calm Worlds"! Developing such a game as a hobby project and being a solo-dev will take a while. If there's interest I will eventually try to make a Patreon for this but up until then these devlogs will have to suffice.

Currently I'm quite happy with the new water shader I created (as you can see in the title picture).

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