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About me

I'm a programmer/software developer with special interests in programming language design and security currently working in a research position at the University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur and occasionally holding lectures.

It's fibonacci time

blsq ) 1Jq.+10C!Cl
{1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144}

How does this work? Computing the fibonacci sequence is essentially repeatedly applying a non-destructive add operation to a stack initialised with two ones (or zero and one). A non-destructive operation is an operation that does not destroy its input arguments, that is, the arguments are not removed from the stack. 1J initialises the stack to 1 1. q.+ is shorthand for {.+} meaning it quotes the command .+ instead of executing it. 10C! executes an operation ten times non-destructively (in this case it applies .+ 10 times). Cl collects the complete stack into a list.

It's blogging time

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